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  • We need to talk about quality!

    We need to talk about quality!

    A little while ago I created an article on LinkedIn about the use of the term ‘Management Review’, which references an article in CQI’s Quality World magazine going back to 2011. Fast forward to 2024; are we any further forward? Has the world of quality moved on in the last 8 or 13 years? Taking…

  • ISO 9001:2015 Context is King

    In the article added to CQI’s blog in October 2015, the focus is on the significance of ‘context’ in ISO 9001:2015. Using a local corner shop as an example, the article emphasizes the need for organizations to understand and adapt to their operating environment. It highlights the responsibilities and implications of the standard’s requirements.

  • The next edition of ISO 9001

    You may have heard of it as ISO 9001:2015 but nobody knows when the next edition of ISO 9001 will be published. As with many things to do with the standards development process the publication date will depend on multiple factors, most of them invisible to the user  – you and I. Too much and,…