Category: Purpose

  • Post Office internal investigation

    On the BBC website there is a news story about the Post Office hiring ex-police officers to investigate its internal investigators. This looks to be a valid attempt to do a deep dive into what went wrong with the process. Hopefully, it is not just a smokescreen to take the spotlight off senior management at…

  • Post Office Horizon IT Scandal

    The TV series Mr Bates vs the Post Office portrays the shameful treatment of Sub Postmasters and Postmistresses by Post Office Ltd. The systemic failings of governance and assurance led to the persecution of innocent individuals, impacting hundreds of lives. The Horizon software’s quality was questioned, highlighting the miscarriage of justice. This drama sheds light…

  • ISO 9001:2015 Context is King

    In the article added to CQI’s blog in October 2015, the focus is on the significance of ‘context’ in ISO 9001:2015. Using a local corner shop as an example, the article emphasizes the need for organizations to understand and adapt to their operating environment. It highlights the responsibilities and implications of the standard’s requirements.