Quality has been evolving for as long as people have been on this earth and, to quote Isaac Newton a famous exponent of quality control, as quality professionals we are all ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’.

So 5 ½ millennia after some of the first examples of quality control how far have we really come? Almost on a daily basis our news is taken up with examples of poor quality. From recall of physical products including contaminated food, unsafe cars, spontaneously combusting TV sets and medical devices that are more likely to kill you than prolong your life to the brave new world of the service economy the same tell tale signs are there that we have failed to learn these same lessons and apply them.

From missold endowments in the 1980s to the latest announcements of banks being fined million for providing ‘inappropriate’ advice to the elderly and vulnerable control of the quality of financial services remains poor. Our finance sector is largely charged with being responsible for the current recession, the worst crisis since the Great Depression as banks sought turnover and market share without considering the risk of lending money to people who did not have the ability to pay it back. The fallout from the initial collapse in 2008 is still with us and will, by all accounts, take another decade to resolve.

s2a2s are not here to provide easy solutions to complex problems. This ‘crash diet’ approach to quality does not work. Only re-education and a sustained quality programme will provide the results (or weight loss) that will last.
We will work with you protecting the principles of quality management and ensure managers don’t cherry pick the easy bits to do by convincing them that true change in quality performance is only achieved by hard work and sticking to the task.

We have to be able to see products and services with customer’s eyes and translate those into internal requirements for our organizations to meet. We then have to stubbornly champion these requirements and ensure they are consistently met throughout the functions. There is no hiding place. Control of quality is essential for sustainable success. We need to ensure that our organizations consistently deliver the products and services our customers pay for recognizing that we will be constantly under pressure for efficiency.
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