Is a missed government target a quality issue?

In this recent BBC Article, the RAC stated that a government objective for every motorway service station in England to have at least six rapid or ultra-rapid chargers had been missed by the end of 2023.

Politics aside, this made me think of the interconnectedness of our lives. Consumers are buying electric vehicles at an ever-increasing rate. According to the SMMT, sales of new electric vehicles (excluding hybrids) is up 27.5% in 2023 to a 16.3% market share. Now we don’t know how many of these buyers based their purchase decisions on the expected improvements to the charging infrastructure but it will have had an influence. Similarly, automotive original equipment manufacturers rely on others to provide the charging infrastructure that will enable their vehicles to satisfy their customers, the owners and drivers.

A single missed target could have a huge knock-on effect on confidence in the reliability of each of us to get from A to B.

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