Lessons learned

I know this qualifies as a moan and therefore apologize in advance. The reason this is topical is we are seeing business leaders and politicians on television in their droves talking about making sure they ‘learn the lessons’ from a recent disaster.

Whether it is election results, BA’s Bank Holiday disaster recovery fail, WannaCry rife in our NHS or the latest tragedy of Grenfell tower the mantra is always the same: ‘we will take some time to investigate how xxx occurred and we will learn the lessons to make sure it never happens again.’

Fast forward to the next surprise election result, passenger travel meltdown, cyber attack, tower block fire anda different Prime Minister, CEO, member of cabinet will be rolled in front of the camera and, without irony, repeat the ‘learn the lessons’ mantra.

At what point will those responsible take the results of the investigation, look at the lessons to be learnt and actually apply those lessons to prevent recurrence?


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