50% time elapsed – does that equal 50% complete?

Generic transition plan
Generic transition plan

15 March 2017 has been and gone, it marked the halfway point for transition to certification to the latest edition of ISO 9001. If the project plan to have all certified organisations transition to the 2015 edition by 15th September 2018 is half complete then where are we compared with the gantt chart or resource plan?

Aside from the early adopters who went for ‘First to be certified’ on the very same day the standard was published there appears to be a huge bow wave building up in front of the 3rd party certification tanker. Do all those responsible for managing the transition project in their organisation have a plan? Have they updated their personal competence to cover those significant changes that the 2015 edition brings? Do they have buy in from all those ‘top management’ in 9001 called upon to demonstrate leadership and commitment? If the answer to any one of these questions is ‘no’ then there is a serious risk they will not be in the club of 1 million plus holding a certificate on the 16th September 2018.

As with all resource constrained systems the problem will become: ‘How to deliver transition audits in the 6 month period leading up to September 15th 2018 for those late adopters?’

At s2a2s our recommendation is in two parts: Get started on making any changes needed to your systems to demonstrate compliance with the new requirements, and; engage with your current CB and start to work on a programme of visits to cover transition and book those assessment dates in the diary.



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